Four Tricks To Manage Your ADHD In The Workplace

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Four Tricks To Manage Your ADHD In The Workplace

28 April 2018
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Distractions seem to abound in the workplace, and if you have ADHD those distractions can make it difficult to feel successful. Developing coping strategies can be instrumental in feeling both comfortable and secure at work. Below are just a few strategies you can try to manage your ADHD at work.

Set Timers

If your ADHD makes it difficult for you to concentrate, consider using electronic timers to help. Whether you use your phone, an app, or a website, make sure the tone you use is enough to grab your attention, but not so over the top it startles everyone. These timers will serve as a grounding tool to help make sure your mind doesn't wander for too long. If noise is an issue, you can set your phone or another device to vibrate to give yourself a more gentle reminder. You may want to set your timers every twenty minutes or so and adjust them as necessary.

Use Mindfulness

Mindfulness is another technique to help manage your ADHD at work. Basically, mindfulness helps you to become aware of your ADHD symptoms and helps you curtail them. To practice being more mindful, keep a piece of paper by your desk. Every time you catch your mind wandering, write down the time.

When you write down the time, you may also want to write down what you were feeling. Were you hungry, bored, stressed, tired? You may notice a pattern of when your symptoms become more severe.  Discovering these patterns and noticing when your symptoms occur are instrumental in managing your ADHD. By knowing the circumstances surrounding your symptoms, you can choose the best strategies for you.

Reach Out To Your Manager

Normally people who have ADHD don't want to draw the attention of their managers. However, if your manager is receptive, they can help curtail the effects of your ADHD. Many managers may have suggestions or can simply check in more frequently to help you stay focused. Your manager could also move you to a quieter office space or make approvals for other accommodations that help you work with your ADHD.

Get A Counselor

ADHD can batter your self-esteem and make you feel like you're not a good worker. If you find yourself struggling in the workplace, consider reaching out for counseling. A counselor will help to devise ADHD or ADD treatment strategies specifically for you to be able to succeed in life, as well as the workplace.