4 Tips For A More Accurate Personality Test Result

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4 Tips For A More Accurate Personality Test Result

3 January 2020
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Taking a personality test such as the MBTI test can be a way to gain a better understanding of yourself and why you make the choices you make. However, there's more to taking the test than just sitting down and filling in bubbles. To make sure your results are as accurate as possible, follow these test-taking tips.

1. Don't overthink the questions

Usually, the first answer you come up with is what you know, in your gut, to be correct. This is not a math test, so there's no reason to really check your answer and make sure it's right. If your first instinct is to answer the question "How tired do you feel after spending time with a big group of people?" with the answer "Very tired," then that is your answer — spending more time contemplating it will probably just lead you away from the best answer.

2. Be yourself

Sometimes people enter personality test situations with a preconceived notion of who they want to be or what results they want to get. This can lead to you answering dishonestly, even if not intentionally. It is important that you be yourself when taking the test. Answer based on your true feelings and actions, not based on the actions of the person you want to be. The point of this test is to tell you who you are right now, not who you might be in the future.

3. Read the instructions first

There are several different formats for personality tests. Some will have you select an answer on a sliding scale for each question. Others may have "true," "false," and "indifferent" options for each question. Read the instructions first so you know how to answer and what to base your answers on. Do this even if you have taken a personality test the past — this one might be different.

4. Don't try to "game" the test

Sometimes test takers find themselves overthinking, perhaps assuming that the test makers want them to answer a certain way so they can fit you in a certain box. This type of thinking can be detrimental because it skews your answers and keeps you from being so honest. It is better if you don't try to game the system at all. Just look at each question as an individual question; don't put too much thought into its goal or purpose.

With the tips above, your personality test results will be a better representation of the real you.