Should You Choose Short-Term Or Long-Term Group Therapy?

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Should You Choose Short-Term Or Long-Term Group Therapy?

9 February 2022
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Group therapy offers a variety of advantages. Even if you already attend individual therapy, you may decide that you want to attend group sessions as well. Group sessions have a lot to offer even those who feel they have already made progress.

You may be left with the decision between short-term and long-term therapy. Here are a few reasons to consider either option.

Short-Term Group Therapy Is There When You Have a Small Gap of Time

Short-tern therapy may run for just a few weeks, giving you a lot of power to build support with others when you have just a few weeks or months without a strict schedule. If you have a few months off school, for instance, short-term therapy can provide intensive help.

Long-Term Group Therapy Helps Those With Little Time

If you don't have the ability to come to a therapist for intensive sessions, you may need to consider long-term group therapy so that you can come once a week. This will help you get the help you need without attending sessions several times per week.

Short-Term Group Therapy Teaches Skills

When you are trying to build healthy coping skills and other helpful skills for life, group therapy is a great tool. You can learn a lot of mental health skills in a short period of time with a counselor and group who provides support.

The key is this: putting hard work into daily practice. If you have a short period of time through which you're going to work, you need to commit to using your tools each day. Often, short-term group therapy can feel like a crash course.

Long-Term Group Therapy Helps With Long-Term Issues

Often, the long-term issues people experience cannot be treated in just a few weeks. For example, a depression therapy group will address the challenges that arise time and time again. The same applies to group therapy for issues related to LGBTQ concerns.

Short-Term Therapy Helps Anxiety-Based Issues

Often, short-term therapy is a great option for those with anxiety or anxiety-based disorders. If you live with frequent panic attacks or a social phobia, meeting for a few weeks can help you build resources so you can take control.

Choose a Therapy Option that Works For You

Therapy comes in many forms, and it's important that you take some care in choosing which type of group therapy is ideal for you. Contact a therapist to learn more about short-term and long-term counseling options.