What Are The Benefits Of Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs?

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What Are The Benefits Of Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs?

19 June 2023
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If you are trying to manage a substance addiction, then inpatient treatment is an option. However, you can also get support and help from intensive outpatient programs. Why should you consider signing up?

Get Extra Help If You Can't Use Inpatient Care

Not all people with substance abuse problems can get inpatient care. They might not qualify for programs or might have a long wait for treatment. In some cases, work or family commitments make it impossible for people to leave their daily lives for extended periods.

An intensive outpatient program is a good alternative option. While many people use these programs after they complete an inpatient treatment, some providers also allow people to join intensive programs even if they haven't had residential treatment.

Unlike some support programs which only meet once a week, intensive programs have more regular sessions. For example, you might go to a program once or even twice a day. This intensive approach ensures that you get more robust ongoing support.

Get A Bridged Transition Back Into Your Regular Life

If you've recently completed a residential substance abuse program, then you might have mixed feelings about getting back to your regular life. While you'll be relieved to have completed your treatment, you might worry about how you will cope back in a real-world scenario.

Intensive outpatient programs help you make this transition. You can live at home and get on with your everyday life; however, you will also get regular support.

So, you will continue to have structured treatment at times to suit your work or family obligations. You will have a routine in your life that will help you stay on track with your recovery. You'll be able to reconnect with family and friends while accessing specialized substance abuse support.

Get An Instant Support Network

Moving back into your old home environment after substance abuse treatment can be a stressful experience. You might have to deal with being around people with whom you used to take drugs. You might find it hard to move on and make new friends at this stage in your recovery.

This can be a lonely time. However, you will build a new social network if you join an outpatient program. You're likely to do a lot of group work during this treatment, so you'll meet people with similar experiences to your own. You'll make new friends who will support you as you move along your recovery track.

To find out more, contact intensive outpatient program providers.