Reasons For Seeking Sex Positive Therapy

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Reasons For Seeking Sex Positive Therapy

31 October 2019
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Sex positive therapy is getting therapy from a therapist who understands that sexual preferences and sexual expression are not bad things when these things are expressed in a safe manner. If you are looking for a sex positive therapist, then there are some things that you will gain many benefits from once you begin your therapy, and here are some examples of those things.

Express yourself without worry of being judged

If you seek therapy from a therapist who is not considered to be a sex positive one, then you might not feel as if you can fully and openly express yourself. This means that you will be going to therapy for no reason because you won't be getting much, if anything at all, out of your sessions. Also, if you say something only to see that your own therapist is shaking their head or looking away from you to hide their feelings on what you are saying, then this can cause you to feel more shame than what you may already be going to therapy to move past.

While all therapists should allow patients to express themselves without fear of judgement, even therapists are people and can sometimes show disapproval in their faces. A sex positive therapist will have a more open mind and will better meet your specific needs to help you actually get the benefits of therapy you are seeking.

Get a perspective that helps you

When you are in therapy with a therapist who isn't a sex positive therapist, you also aren't going to be given a perspective that helps you, because they might not only not be able to understand where you might be coming from, but they may even view what is your sexual expression as more of a disorder.

When you are seeing a sex positive therapist, you will get a healthy perspective from someone who hears you and better yet, understands you. They can help you with knowing how to express yourself the way you want in a healthy manner. They can help you to understand yourself and to accept yourself while realizing that not everyone is the same, and that's okay.

Learn how to maintain healthy relationships

While sex therapists may focus more on making monogamous relationships healthy, a sex positive therapist can help you with making all of your relationships healthy, even if your preferred lifestyle is to not practice monogamy.