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About a year ago, a friend of mine talked with me about my propensity to explode when things went wrong. She explained that I reacted much more violently than most people did, and she gently recommended counseling to help me with the problem. I was a little apprehensive about seeking treatment at first, but I realized that she was right, so I started looking around for ways to cope with the problem. I was able to find a great counselor who specialized in those types of services, and it was really incredible to see how much help they were. They walked me through coping with anger, and it was great. Check out this blog to learn more about counseling.


3 Reasons Why A Woman Should Go To Counseling

22 May 2017
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Counseling is a wonderful thing that can help so many people with a variety of issues. There are even some therapists that specialize in treating a specific client base. For example, there are therapists out there that focus solely on treating women. They are able to help them with a huge variety of issues, and their specialized training with women allows them to better give them the help and support that they need. Read More …

3 Ways To Help A Child With Autism Handle Traveling

13 March 2017
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Traveling with a child with autism can be a challenging experience as disruptions are made to his or her normal routine. Several aspects of traveling, such as the unfamiliar noises and cramped seating, can leave your child feeling overwhelmed and result in behavioral issues. To help your child get through traveling as easily and safely as possible, here are some tips you can use.   Talk to Your Child Once you are aware that you will be traveling with your child, start to talk to him or her about what will happen along the journey. Read More …